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Ernest Hargett

for City Council 2021
Passion - Experience - Leadership

 Build a better city for a better tomorrow


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January 29,2021

Hargett identifies public transparency a key issue in council race


Have you ever attended a Middletown Council Meeting? Was it a pleasant experience? Were your issues addressed? When was the last time you heard from any Council member? In fact when was the first time? Do you know who they are? What do you know about how they operate. How does the public assess their performance?

I believe the residents of Middletown deserve a transparent government, and not the opaque system that seems to be the norm here. I believe that government should be more attuned to the changing demographics of the town and adopt a process that invites greater participation from the growing population.

I believe that greater transparency would engender trust, enhance community relations and provide accountability from our elected officials.

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